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Submarine Stream Q&A + Images

2018.09.18 18:35 teo_storm1 Submarine Stream Q&A + Images

Sections and Information

I've divided everything as follows:
  • Mechanics and Gameplay Outline
  • Q&A
  • Submarine ID and images
  • Ship skin images
  • Notes
Keep in mind they're using the event to proof of concept and see if it works and is fun/playable.
Also Keep in mind this is an extremely long post, you've been warned.
Stream VoD - Youtube Facebook Dev Post

Mechanics and Gameplay Outline

I've adjusted this a little for clarity in some areas.
Core Experience
They want the core experience based around feeling Anticipation, Fear and Satisfaction each of which entails as follows:
  • Anticipation - positioning, stalking a target, lining up a spread
  • Fear - sub is fragile, low protection, exposed when not in stealth/submerged, can be attacked from many directions (surface ship perspective)
  • Satisfaction - flawless execution of attack, skill mastery (managing dive time etc), successful attacks from planning
Dimensionality, Concealment and Oxygen
Submarines add a New dimension, sub-surface. The submarines can operate in 3 'stances', Emerged, Periscope and Submerged. Each stance having a benefit and drawback. The submarine speed in the prototype/event isn’t linked to depth for gameplay reasons at the moment.
Concealment while Emerged/Surfaced is at highest, at Periscope Depth it is small but not minimum (2km) while at fully Submerged only proxy detection (2km) or hydroacoustic search will detect you.
Oxygen is spent while submerged or periscope depth. Oxygen is also spent on torpedo launches. Submerge time is limited for gameplay reasons vs historical. Must surface to replenish oxygen.
Armament is only comprised of torpedoes in the prototype. 2 types of torpedoes are available.
Periscope depth is optimal for attacks as it has the best spread dispersion. Submarines can attack while surfaced however the torpedo spread is larger. Torpedo tube groups are used independent of each other, can have bow or aft groups as examples. Torpedo tube groups are loaded independently and launched independently, loading is applied per tube group (like current launchers reload by themselves, and can be fire by themselves).
Damage and Destruction
Can be shot at and damaged like regular surface ships. Depth charges will be launched from Destroyers and shore-based launchers. They hit the water and detonate at a random depth, they're aiming for vertical gameplay, dodging by changing depth ("vertical torpedobeats", seems similar in concept to the CV AA puffs in rework).


I've shortened some of the questions and answers to be direct to the point, some jokes have been omitted.
Q: How long will submarines be able to stay underwater?
A: Oxygen parameters, amount of oxygen available(dictates duration) and recharge time.
Q: How will submarines be detected?
A: Hydroacoustic search and guaranteed acquisition range if not surfaced. May be changed at a later date. (See above as well)
Q: Can you take damage from diving too deep (crush depth)?
A: No, there are 3 ‘stances’ (depth settings) available, Emerged, Periscope Depth, Fully Submerged - none of which can cause depth damage.
Q: Will diving put out fires?
A: No, the fires are internal, exterior FX is only for visuals. (You’ll keep burning underwater)
Q: PvP submarines or CV rework first?
A: Optimistic estimate is CV rework by end of 2018, Submarines 2019 (if they go through with it). Halloween event is for proof of concept for submarines, this is the only work they’ve done on it so far.
Q: Are we going to get the Arpeggio I-401?
A: Since subs aren’t coming to PvP as of now, no, but they are open to it. Also keep in mind ARP is a 3rd Party so it would have to be negotiated.
Q: National flavor for Submarines?
A: They are not working on PvP submarines, current ones are for event only so no.
Q: Why not start on national flavours?
A: Since event is sandbox and limited scale (1 map, limited ship availability) they won’t work on it unless the concept is successful and proves popular.
Q: What’s the difference between torpedo types?
A: Freeze Torpedoes (temporarily disable ships) and the regular type that do damage. If it was done for PvP you might be able to assign different torpedo types, such as Deep Water torps to one tube set or regular torps to the remaining tube set.
Q: What about deck guns?
A: They might add them as useable but they don’t see them as useful due to small sizes. Torps are the main weapon so the focus is there.
Q: Can you collide with a sunk/sinking ship?
A: Yes but they don’t want ramming to be a component (vaguely implying ramming in general won’t be a thing for subs from actual ships).
Q: Underwater obstacles, coral, rocks etc?
A: There’s already underwater terrain on the event map, they will see how much they need to rework regular maps for subs if they go ahead with it.
Q: What happens when you run out of Oxygen.
A: You are forced to emerge/surface. It automatically does it.
Q: Submarine speed seems fast, is it PvE specific?
A: Historically they were of course very slow, they are tweaked to prevent boredom. Slow submarines will make gameplay uninteresting, they can tweak their parameters as needed though.
Q: Will depth charges damage surface ships if they detonate under them?
A: They’re unsure if that even works. They will be dropped and detonate at a random depth or on contact with a submarine. They have large splash damage so it’s possible.
Q: Can Destroyers hit submarines with torpedoes?
A: Submarines can be hit by torpedoes at Emerged or Periscope settings.
Q: What about Deep Water torps?
A: For simplicity, they’d keep it class based, likely wouldn’t hit submarines.
Q: Will submarines have sonar?
A: How to counter submarines is yet to be designed (outside of depth charges and gunfire), current focus is on countering surface shipping. They know about anti-submarine elements, they won’t go into it for now. (Totally missed the point of the question…)
Q: Will submarines have horns?
A: Might be fun to see the horn go off underwater and have bubbles come up. Currently, no.
Q: Capturing etc?
A: If they go for PvP it’ll be considered then. They will likely be able to cap somehow.
Q: How will flooding interact with Emerging/Surfacing?
A: Hasn’t been worked on, current mechanics function as per usual.
Misc Questions
Q: Will there be a submarine called Octavian?
A: If you have a petition, go for it.
Q: We’ve seen fast attack boats in scenarios, will we ever be able to control them?
A: No, they are in operation(s) only as targets.
Q: How long will the Halloween event last, and what rewards?
A: No dates set yet, similar to the last 2 events.
Q: How to get the skins for the ships?
A: They will be distributed somehow for the surface ships. Watch the portal news.

Submarine ID

No doubt I'm not the only one scrambling to ID these however I'm reasonably sure I've got it all down-pat so here goes:

Ship Skin Images

General variety, seems T8 apart from the Hindenburg, Album Link Some More In Port Courtesy of the Comments they are as follows:
  • North Carolina
  • Hindenburg
  • Kiev
  • 155mm Mogami
  • 128mm Z-23


Anybody who's been reading up on any submarine related threads for WoWs won't be too surprised by the direction they've taken, it's generally pretty expected across the board and quite in line with how I thought it'd go when I made an April 1st thread for it. If anything I'm just surprised by the Type XXVI but quite frankly that'd be expected to compensate for speed in higher tiers if it was ever added to PvP, otherwise this should prove interesting. I'm not quite sold on it being good for PvP however, will see how the event pans out and the interactions between elements in it.
A final note regarding deck guns, some WW1 boats had up to 128mm ones which isn't too small, some had double 105's for the Germans but generally the point that they're useless is understandable.
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